STRA Baseball & Softball FAQ


Southampton Township Recreational Association (STRA) is an organization focused on providing an instructional sports program for children in our township.


Question: What is the minimum age I can sign my child up for baseball or softball?
Answer: 5 years old.


Question: When can I sign up for Baseball/Softball?
Answer: Registration opens mid January. A letter is sent home from school in your child’s folder.
Question: I am not from Southampton.  Can I still sign up for your program?
Answer: If your township has a recreational program for baseball/softball for your child’s age group, then you can NOT sign up at Southampton.  The program’s Commisioner & STRA board will make the final decision based about out of town players.  Please send and email to admin to be considered.
Question: What equipment will my child need?
Answer: Your child will need a baseball/softball glove, a batting helmet, baseball/softball pants and cleats.  Boys also need an atheletic cup.  Bats & catcher’s gear is provided for each team.  Each player will recieve a shirt, hat and socks.  You can purchase additional customized gear for parents & children from

Question: When are practices and games?
Answer: A practice/game schedule will be created after team selection.  Practices and games usually start around 5-5:30pm Monday-Friday and on Saturday mornings.  Most likley there wont be more than 3 games/practices a week.

Question: What are evaluations?
Answer: The purpose of evaluations are to construct fair and balanced teams.  Evaluations are not tryouts.

Question: I want my child to play in a different age group than is listed.  How can I do that?
Answer: Generally we like to keep children in their own age group, but in certain circumstances, you can consult with the commisioner of your program.  Only in extreme cases do we consider changing the age group.

Question: Which program should I sign my child up for?
Answer: Softball age groups are separated by grade. Baseball divisions are separated by age and the cut-off birth date (May 1st), however we may accomodate "grade" issues where it makes sense to do so which must be approved by the commisioner of the sport, the coaches and by the STRA board.  Below is the appropriate program you should sign up for:
Grade Baseball Softball
Kindergarten (Ages 5-6) T-Ball - Coach pitch or T T-Ball - Coach Pitch or T
1st Grade (Age 7) Rookies – Coach Pitch T-Ball – Coach Pitch
2nd Grade (Age 8) Slugger – Kid & Coach Pitch Rookies – Coach Pitch
3rd Grade (Age 9) Minors – Kid Pitch Rookies – Kid & Coach Pitch
4th Grade (Age 10) Minors – Kid Pitch Minors – Kid & Coach Pitch
5th Grade (Age 11) Majors Minors
6th Grade (Age 12) Majors Majors
7th Grade (Age 13) Babe Ruth Majors
8th Grade (Age 14) Babe Ruth Majors
9th Grade (Age 15) Babe Ruth Highschool
10th to 12th Grades   Highschool