STRA Cheerleaders FAQ

Question: What is the minimum age I can sign my child up for cheeerleading?

Answer: Your child must be in 1st through 5th grade to be eligiable.
Question: When can I sign up for Chearleading?
Answer: Registration opens in October. A letter is sent home from school in your child’s folder.
Question: I am not from Southampton.  Can I still sign up for your program?
Answer: If your township has a recreational program for chearleading for your child’s age group, then you can NOT sign up at Southampton.  The program’s Commisioner & STRA board will make the ultimate decision based about out of town players.  Please send and email to admin to be considered.
Question: What do they cheer?
Answer: The chearleaders will cheer at STRA basketball games in the stands and on the sidelines during the games.  They will do a quick half time cheer in which they will perform on the court.
Question: What equipment will my child need?
Answer: Your child will need a white long sleeve crew neck shirt, white sneakers and bloomers.  A uniform consisting of a vest, shirt and hair bow will be provided. Cheerleaders will be allowed to keep their uniforms at the end of the season.  Poms will be supllied for the games and must be returned before leaving.  You can purchase additional customized gear for parents & children from
Question: When are practices and games?
Answer: A practice/game schedule will be created after the basketball game schedule is finalized. Practices and games usually start around 5-5:30pm Monday-Friday and also on Saturday mornings.  Most likely there will not be more than 3 games/practices a week.
Question: What size is the squad and how many squads do you have?
Answer: A squad consists of a maximum of 20 girls.  The number of squads is dependent on the amount of coaches available per season.  If you are interested in coaching a squad, please contact to get addional information.
Question: Which program should I sign my child up for?
Answer: Below is the appropriate program you should sign up for:



1st Grade


2nd Grade


3rd Grade


4th Grade


5th Grade



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