Spring 2021 Safety Plan

Spring 2021 Safety Plan

Baseball & Softball 2021 COVID Preparation Plan 



  1. STRA will supply signs to indicate the need for social distancing. Commissioners/team staff should notify the board if signs become damaged or go missing. 

  2. Spray paint will be used to assist in marking locations for personal belongings and social distancing of players.




  1. Sport commissioners shall serve as the COVID Coordinator for each sport and be responsible for reminding coaches, players and staff of social distancing. Kenny Worrell/Kristin Worrell will share in the responsibility of the COVID Coordinator position as joint commissioners for the sport.

  2. In addition to a coach and assistant coach, volunteers are needed to encourage social distancing among players on the sidelines and disinfecting any shared equipment throughout practice/games. In order to reduce barriers to volunteering, volunteers who will not have any direct contact with the team do not need to complete the 3 mandatory coaching requirements for this season. 

  3. All volunteers will attend a pre-season safety meeting prior to the season to discuss safety protocols for the season (Tentatively March 2, 2020).

  4. Team volunteers will designate space for players to sit when not engaged in game play (buckets, chairs, taped spaces, etc.). There will be no shared benches for the team when not engaged in game play. 



  1. Practice times will be staggered to limit the number of people on the field at the same time. Practices will be held 2-3 days a week for 80 minutes maximum. 

  2. Every effort will be made to have games played against surrounding towns. Game locations will vary. Time will be provided between games to reduce the number of people coming/going at the same time. 



  1. Each player will be responsible for bringing their own equipment (helmets, bats, gloves, water bottles, masks, etc.) to games/practices. If a player does not have a bat of their own, extra bats will be provided and sanitized after each use.

  2. Each player/volunteer should bring their own labeled water bottle. There is to be no sharing of food/beverages.

  3. There will be no shared bench/dugout/player area. Players should remain 6 feet apart while not engaged in game play. 


Practice & Game Procedures:

  1. A designated check-in meeting space will be marked at the field location. At least one volunteer must be present in that space to accept questionnaires at the beginning of each game/practice. 

  2. A screening questionnaire will be provided to all players via paper copy and online link. The questionnaire must be completed by a parent for each player prior to practices/games and handed directly to the coach at drop off before the player is allowed to practice. If any questions are answered “yes,” the player cannot practice. 

  3. Players and volunteers will be asked to sanitize their hands upon arriving. 

  4. Masks will be worn by coaches and volunteers at all times. 

  5. All players will wear a mask to and off the field. They may take off masks if not tolerated during physical/aerobic activity.

  6. A parent of a player should email/call/message the coach if the player or anyone the player had close contact with is positive for COVID-19. The coach will immediately contact the commissioner so that the appropriate steps can be taken. 

  7. Parents are asked to wait for players in their cars during practice/games due to current NJ gathering maximums. 


Reporting of Positive COVID-19 Cases:

  1. Upon receipt of a positive test, all coaches/volunteers and parents on the team will be notified by the commissioner that a player has tested positive and the last known contact (i.e. “The player was present at practice on _______.”) No personal health information is to be revealed to players/volunteers/coaches. 

  2. The positive player will not be allowed to return without a doctor’s note. 

  3. Players with family members in the same household that test positive are to adhere to the 10 day quarantine recommendation. Players may not return to practice/games until 10 days after the positive test result or 7 days with a negative test result.